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About Us

Relocation AdvisOry Services (RAS), is a niche visa services, international recruitment and expat relocation company.

RAS Group was incorporated in 2006 with its head office in the UK. It is providing Recruitment and Visa Services to its corporate customers apart from professional services for businesses wanting to expand in Europe.
RAS is regulated by Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) an independent public body set up under the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 in the UK. Its corporate customers include financial services, IT and insurance companies and individual customers include students, IT professionals, managers, investment bankers, Doctors and Engineers.
A combination of extensive experience, global presence and inside industry knowledge has enabled RAS to provide appropriate visa and relocation solutions that deliver successful results. Whether you’re looking for a UK Tier 1 General Visa, Tier-2 work permit, US Visas, Study Visas etc., you can be sure that we have the experience and services to make the process as quick and easy as possible. RAS is providing its customers a unique service called “Peer review services” which enables its customers to get in touch directly with the UK team as and when the need may be.
RAS provide a simple, hassle free initial assessment. The assessment calculates whether you meet the basic legislative requirements, and are therefore eligible for the visa you want. Please send your profile to for an initial assessment.

Things you should know about us

  • Most people have never heard of us – most of our customers come through personal recommendations. We are honest with our customers – we do not over commit; before embarking on an assignment, we assess the customer’s chances of success, share the same with the customer and then agree on the way forward.
  • We work tirelessly for our customers – we invest our energies and focus on achieving quicker results, managing customer expectations, working efficiently and conscientiously.
  • We provide value for money – we will be difficult to be beaten on value of money for the services we provide. We can save thousands of pounds in every engagement by getting it right the first time.
  • We have a straightforward way of doing things – if we are not able to help you we will tell you straightway and should also be able to point you to the right direction.
  • We are good people to work with – our strength is our people and their skills, our service network and the relationships with our partners; put your cynicism on hold temporarily while we tell you that we are committed, fiercely proud of our work and hate to see ourselves failing.
  • Relocation solutions with accountability – our approach and portfolio of services help businesses and individuals alleviate anxiety and make the best out of emigration, employment, education or settlement in the UK. We will always have contracts with agreed milestones before we embark on any assignment. This helps our customers and RAS advisor to be very clear on what success looks like.

We welcome all our prospective customers to give us a chance answer their queries. We would be delighted if you could fill the enquiry form to experience our services.



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