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Business Setup & Expansion

International business expansion services
RAS provides Business start up, Marketing, International Expansion, Research, Sourcing, Liasioning and Accountancy services. It leverages on its ecosystems and consultants to help you grow the business at a value which can not be beaten.
Most of our relationships are from Small and Medium Sized Businesses either planning to enter:
  • Matured markets – corporate clients or start ups from emerging markets
  • Emerging markets – corporate clients or start ups from developed markets
Common for All countries
  • Planning to start up or expand business in the UK, Europe or India?
  • Do you want someone to liaise with the customers, prospects, suppliers in the UK, Europe Or India/Asia? 
  • Do you want to have an office address, telephone number in the UK or India/Asia? 
  • Do you want to set up a registered company in the UK or India and be registered with other regulatory bodies? 
  • Do you want market information and research to be carried out in the UK, Europe or India? 
  • Do you want to learn about other value added services we provide to businesses looking to expand in the UK or make UK a gateway for your business to Europe and the USA
  • Do you want someone to co-ordinate visits and market services in the UK and Europe? 
  • Do you want to send or transfer employees to the UK or India? 
  • Do you want relocation management support for your employees?
Companies expanding internationally have to deal with unfamiliar legal, financial, cultural, and regulatory landscape which can be inhibitor for many companies to start their operations internationally. Further issues of control, cost, directorship, signing authority, etc. complicate issues further. RAS help overcome all these problems with its ecosystem and framing a customised solution to build a long term relationships.
Our skilled staff can help provide with what you need to expand the business in the UK or Asia and help take your business to the market in UK, Europe, India and USA at fraction of cost. Our well defined contracts with milestones will provide enough control to achieve your objectives quicker, better and faster.
We are driven by a simple philosophy – ‘In your success lies our, and in your failure is a reason for a missed opportunity for us.’ You will see the passion for your business interests because of this underlying philosophy.
Contact us to discuss how we can help in your particular situation at
Other Business Set up and Expansion Services
  • Recruitment services
  • Relocation services
  • Business expansion support services
  • Corporate Immigration Services 
  • Bespoke support services 
  • Outsourcing and administration services



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