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India is one the world’s most open countries. Its visa regulations are one of the easiest in the world.


All foreigners entering India on a Student, Employment, Research or Missionary Visa, which is valid for more than 180 days, are required to register with the Foreigners Registration Officer under whose jurisdiction they propose to stay. This should be done within 14 days or arrival in India, irrespective of their actual period of stay. RAS is providing the following services for India:

  • Business Visas
    If you are planning to visit India on a Business or personal purpose then RAS can assist you to get the visa. RAS advisors will provide you the easy and legal way to visit India. You just need to send information on the email ID and one of our advisors will get in touch with you soon.
  • OCI  Cards
    Overseas Citizens of India required OCI cards to remain in India. OCI card is helpful for multiple entries to the country. RAS is helping all the Indians living abroad to get these cards. Please send your profile details to for assistance.
  • Immigration Services
    RAS assists corporate and individuals to obtain visas to relocate, hire, visit, study, live, work, set up business, relocate, settle and/or establish outside their own countries. It invests resources to carry out analysis on macroeconomic needs in various geographies, ever changing immigration and political landscape to develop solutions and suggest routes to immigrate to various countries.
  • Recruitment and Placement Support Services
    RAS brings expertise in sourcing candidates across industries (IT, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Agri Business, Construction, Business and Professional Services) and technical skills (Managerial, Production, Software, Hardware, Sales, HR etc). It differentiates itself from the rest as it uses combination of its Skilled database, Job Boards and Partner Eco-System. This helps to produce choice to its customers which not many can deliver.
  • Accountancy Services
    This is a newly established service which provides its customers, individual and corporate customer’s accountancy, book keeping and taxation services. This service is currently available in the UK and India Typical customer profile: Small sized corporate, start ups, Contractors, Free lancers
  • Business expansion, Establishment and Relocation Services
    RAS provides office services for businesses wishing to expand in the UK or India and acts as a liaison, marketing, relationship office for companies. The proposition is to reduce initial start up cost for companies.Typical customer profile: Corporate, Expats, Start up businesses

Our highly skilled team members would be happy to assist and provide you initial guidance. The corporate office in the UK will provide our customers a unique service called “Peer review services” which enables our customers to get in touch directly with our UK team as and when the need may be.

We welcome all our prospective customers to give us a chance answer their queries. We would be delighted if you could fill the enquiry form to experience our services. You may alternately e-mail at or contact our offices in London, Bangalore or Chandigarh to learn how we can help you emigrate/immigrate to visit, study, work, settle or set up and grow your business in the UK and Europe.



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