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Our Services

RAS is regulated by Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) an independent public body set up under the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 in the UK. Its corporate customers include financial services, IT and insurance companies and individual customers include students, IT professionals, managers, investment bankers, Doctors and Engineers.

RAS assists corporate and individuals to obtain visas to relocate, hire, visit, study, live, work, set up business, relocate, settle and/or establish outside their own countries. To provide value added services it invests on resources to develop solutions and up to date research on macroeconomic needs in various geographies, emerging immigration laws apart from current routes and procedures to emigrate to various countries as per the needs of its customers.

RAS assists students in providing information and choice with regard to pursuing education in overseas educational institutions. To provide value added advice to students it spends its resources on researching educational systems worldwide and initiating tie ups with educational institutes to provide sales, marketing, representation, distribution, administrative and international student relations services locally.

RAS assists corporate to fulfill job/skill requirements by leveraging on its skills database. It helps individuals find suitable opportunities and helps in finding the right channels to network and distribute CVs abroad. To provide value added services it invests on resources to research on shortage skills in G8 economies and works with aspiring skilled workers looking to move abroad. Its emigration and establishment services support its employment offerings to provide an end to end solution.

RAS assists corporate and individuals who are relocating to a different country with bespoke establishment support which may include from relocation logistics to support in the UK including home search, school search and community integration support. For expat hiring or repatriation it project manages the end-to end relocation.It also provides office services for businesses wishing to expand in the UK and acts as a liaison, marketing, relationship office for companies.

Accounting Services
RAS prepare accounts, P&L statements, statutory accounting statements, file tax returns, VAT for businesses and self employed professionals on a fixed fee basis. If you are at the present time using a firm of accountants or have an accountant acting on your behalf; we think that you will find our services, expertise and price hard to beat.

Business Setup & Expansion
RAS provides Business start up, Marketing, International Expansion, Research, Sourcing, Liasioning and Accountancy services. It leverages on its ecosystems and consultants to help you grow the business at a value which can not be beaten.



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